Gaining NextGen® PM Efficiencies

Is your staff getting bogged down with tedious workflow processes related to processing credit balances on patient accounts, creating refund checks, and processing unapplied balances? Would you like to increase the efficiency of your staff give your staff more time to bring money into the organization rather than sending money out of the organization? 

We can help with that!  Upon the request of our clients, we built two powerful add-on solutions for NextGen: RefundManager and the UnappliedTool.  

RefundManager® streamlines and automates the process of finding credit balances on patient accounts and issuing refund checks.

  • Quickly identify and research credit balances
  • Automatically create the refund transactions in NextGen
  • Easily apply the credit on one encounter to another encounter that has an open balance on it
  • Substantially decrease check generation time through automation
  • Integrates directly into NextGen® PM and your accounting system

The UnappliedTool enables a practice to efficiently and effectively manage your unapplied balances automatically. Use the UnappliedTool to apply the unapplied balances according to your business rules such as:

  • Applying unapplied balances to charges within the same encounter
  • Moving leftover encounter unapplied balances to a charge as a credit to be refunded
  • Moving leftover encounter unapplied balances up to the account for application against other encounters
  • Taking account unapplied balances and moving them down to encounters where money or refunds are due

Since 2005, Itentive has been committed to helping the back office process unapplied and credit balances quicker and more accurately–resulting in cutting the overall labor to process credits by 40-50% or more.  

This webinar took place on August 14, 2019.

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