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Consulting & Support

Our experience. Your performance.

Is your healthcare practice running at its peak performance? Are your operations and clinical workflow as efficient as they could be? Are you getting full value from your practice management, clinical and other applications? Are you facing challenges in revenue cycle management?

Itentive's NextGen consultants can help.

After a thorough review of your business, our seasoned healthcare consultants identify opportunities to optimize your processes and technologies and provide the support you need to implement them.

Our NextGen® Enterprise and NextGen® Office (Formerly MediTouch®) consulting services, including IT consulting, cover all elements of a successful healthcare practice, encompassing front office, back office and clinical operations. We offer critical expertise in the implementation and optimization of the NextGen Healthcare and NextGen Office platforms. Our goal: real, measurable impact on your quality of care and bottom line.



  • A partner with experience finding ways to positively impact your quality of care and bottom line
  • Support for your entire practice, or a specific area of challenge/opportunity
  • An optimized NextGen Healthcare system that fits the unique requirements of your practice

MACRA/MIPS/Quality Reporting

MACRA is a highly complicated piece of federal legislation that solidifies the transition from Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care and revolutionizes the way physicians are reimbursed. Navigating the complex quality measurement and reporting requirements can be daunting. This is where we can help. Itentive can partner with you to support your practice through this arduous process.

Our team of dedicated MACRA professionals can provide you with the assistance you need through:

  • Subject Matter Expertise: We provide answers to crucial questions, access to informative resources, and explain the impact and details surrounding MACRA.
  • Reporting Assistance: We provide unparalleled support in meeting quality reporting requirements, helping to ensure our clients' long-term success.
  • Individualized Action Plans: We perform a full analysis of past performance in quality programs and offer customized recommendations for improvement and policy education.
Quality Reporting


Complete your NextGen or MediTouch implementation plan. Seamlessly.

A successful NextGen EHR implementation plan for a new practice management and/or EHR solution requires careful analyses of your organization’s current workflow, individual physician preferred charting habits, and other factors. Do you have the experience—and the time—to carefully plan each phase of the project, as well as the execution of every task on schedule?

Itentive's NextGen implementation specialists can help.

From design to post-project technical support, Itentive’s NextGen Healthcare implementation consultants will guide your team through all aspects of software implementation and carry out the project plan. Count on us to work with your team to successfully implement and optimize your NextGen Healthcare or NextGen Office (formerly MediTouch) system. Depending on the experience level of your staff and clinicians, Itentive's NextGen implementation team can even develop a customized NextGen training plan. We follow a four-phase implementation process:

You Benefit

  • Implementation linked to your unique business characteristics and workflow
  • An expert’s guidance and support through every implementation phase
  • Disciplined, detailed task management
  • Easy, real-time progress monitoring
  • Completion within budget and schedule

Phase 1: Define

  • Define project scope
  • Develop technical specifications
  • Deliver project implementation plan

Phase 2: Build

  • Configure software
  • Complete data migration
  • Perform integration testing

Phase 3: Validate

  • Complete system testing
  • Perform end-user training
  • Build production environment

Phase 4: Deploy

  • Go-live planning
  • Post Go-live support
  • Project review


Grow competencies. Sustain results.

There’s no doubt that tailored NextGen Healthcare or NextGen Office (formerly MediTouch) training can enhance the platform’s contribution to the overall performance of your operation. Do your clinicians feel like they’re struggling or falling behind in the way that they interface with NextGen or MediTouch? Do you have specific objectives and requirements that you feel aren’t being met?

Itentive can help.

Our NextGen training and implementation specialists can create a curriculum and customize the materials based on your unique requirements. We deliver traditional classroom training solutions or work side-by-side with your employees to train on the job. Our implementation team communicates regularly throughout the training process, reporting progress, next steps, gaps, and potential challenges.

You Benefit

  • Improve the skills and competencies of your people
  • Maximize and sustain the benefits of your technology and processes
  • Tailor training to your practice, preference, and need—customized materials; choice of setting
  • Stay informed on progress with a minimum of effort

Expert Services

NextGen Healthcare Support

Are you ready for NextGen system upgrades? Is your practice struggling to meet reporting requirement requirements? Do you need expertise, support, and assistance with template design, document creation, report integration, staff augmentation, and more?

Itentive can help.

As an extension of Itentive’s consulting services, Itentive’s NextGen Extended Support teams are dedicated to providing the services and expertise needed to address the critical issues that your healthcare practice faces. Because our solutions are integrated, we can help you accomplish a world of things that you may not have realized you could do within your NextGen Healthcare system—all from one source.

Itentive’s NextGen Certified Professionals offer a comprehensive suite of supplemental NextGen Healthcare support services that can be tailored into a solution that meets the unique needs of your practice:

  • Template design and customization
  • Document creation and requirements
  • Integrated reporting (Crystal reports)
  • Data conversion and extraction
  • Extended applications and KBM support
  • Interfaces
    • Lab
    • Radiology
    • Health information exchanges
    • Custom
    • Third-party
  • Staff Augmentation
Expert Services

You Benefit

  • Get the answers you need, right when you need them
  • Gain a world of NextGen Healthcare support from one centralized source
  • Achieve more for your practice with integrated solutions
  • Extend your system capabilities with ease
  • Enjoy the peace of mind you get from working with NextGen Certified Professionals

Upgrade Services

Maximize your NextGen upgrade experience.

Preparing for a NextGen upgrade? Depending upon the level of customization or complexity of your environment, the upgrade process can take several hundred hours. Is that time you can afford? And are you able to take on any project management, template development, data mapping and data conversion associated with the upgrade?

Itentive can help.

Itentive will be with you every step of the way. We provide a comprehensive and fully integrated delivery solution that encompasses all of your needs. We provide NextGen upgrade-focused project management, as well as onsite and remote support so that your practice can remain focused on what it does best—taking care of patients.

Should your practice require multi-specialty upgrades for various providers and group practices, we can help you successfully implement those with ease, in addition to handling heavily customized applications, data mapping, and more.

You Benefit

  • Successfully implement NextGen upgrades
  • Outsource testing, training, and implementation to specialists
  • Get an integrated solution that meets your specific needs
  • Rest assured with onsite and remote support

Client Support

Expertise and assistance, at your service.

Does your clinical staff have day-to-day questions or require ongoing assistance with your NextGen Enterprise or NextGen Office (formerly MediTouch) systems? Are you frequently searching for experts that actually understand your specific applications inside and out, from technology to templates to processes, reporting, and more?

Itentive can help.

Our expert team is dedicated to providing personalized NextGen Healthcare help desk services tailored to address your specific challenges. Whether your practice requires help with its PCs, connecting to servers, getting everything set up with a new insurance company, or any other need, Itentive is here for you.

Need critical NextGen help? Our on-demand NextGen Certified Professionals (NCPs) can provide emergency assistance for any NextGen issue you may be experiencing, including training, configuration, set up, and use case issues.

Need staff augmentation to help manage projects or provide full team coverage? Our team of NexPerts™ can sweep in to provide the support your practice needs.

Client Support

You Benefit

  • Access specialized day-to-day NextGen support quickly, easily, and reliably
  • Get knowledgeable help to address issues with custom solutions
  • Get help where you need it, when you need it


Your solution. Your way

Does your system capture data but won’t allow you to access it in the way you need? Would you like to automate the time-consuming, repetitive, and low-value tasks that your practice encounters on a daily basis? Do your applications stop just short of where you need them to go?

Itentive can help.

We provide certified professional NextGen Healthcare assistance, bringing over 15 years of NextGen customization, enhancement, interface, and conversion expertise to your practice, so your staff can stay focused on your patients and your business.

Our customization solutions can help you maximize the way you input and extract NextGen data through:

  • Conversions
  • Merges and extractions
  • Alternate user interface applications
  • Templates
  • Analytics
  • Custom applications/scripts

If you need it, we can build it.

Our customization team of NextGen Certified Professionals (NCPs) can develop innovative, intelligent, and tailored solutions and APIs for all of your clinical, business, and information needs—across your entire business process—to integrate and enhance the standard NextGen product suite.


You Benefit

  • A highly experienced NCP (NextGen Certified Professional) skilled at drawing out what you need
  • A NextGen system tailored to work exactly the way you want without compromising future ability to upgrade


Time-saving tools for optimal performance.

NextGen templates come loaded with the standard NextGen EHR software system. But do you know how to modify them to best suit the needs of your organization? Are you able to create specialty content to enhance workflow? Do you have the time and expertise to develop or customize templates to best serve your needs?

Itentive can help.

We can assist in the design, development, documentation, and maintenance of your NextGen template library while ensuring a manageable upgrade path to implementing future versions of the EHR.

Itentive will work with your providers and clinical staff to build templates to their exact specifications, all the while following NextGen standards and best practices to help them stay upgradable. Our capabilities range from simple modifications to the development of custom NextGen templates from concept through implementation. Specialties include Internal Medicine, ENT and Allergy, OB/GYN, cardiology, neonatal, neurology and ophthalmology, and more.

You Benefit

  • Create and maintain a template library that saves you time and optimizes NextGen functionality
  • Customize templates to your practice without compromising future system upgradability

Additional Services

With our mission to provide solutions for our healthcare provider partners which help them improve patient care, enhance the patient experience and help maintain a financially healthy practice, we’ve had our hands in all the intricate parts and components of NextGen. There are few issues that we haven’t already encountered and even fewer areas that we can’t improve. Below are some additional services that our team of NexPerts frequently assist with, but if you have an issue that isn’t listed here, just give us a call so we can help you help your practice.

  • Workflow review: Our NextGen Enterprise and NextGen Office (formerly MediTouch) consultants review and document your existing business processes, establish baseline measurements of financial and revenue cycle performance, EHR and PM workflows, and determine opportunities for improvement.
  • Project Management: Itentive provides MediTouch experts and NextGen Certified Professional project management consultants skilled at leading and supporting your projects across the entire project life cycle, from planning to implementation and completion. Our typical project management services include:
    • Develop project scope and objectives
    • Define success criteria
    • Prepare a project management plan
    • Define project requirements, tasks, and deliverables
    • Create issues-tracking and change management processes
    • Identify and monitor the resources required
    • Determine budget and monitor cost
    • Set timelines and monitor milestones
    • Establish a communication process with stakeholders
    • Perform project closure and review completion
  • Interface Services: Itentive has the know-how to design, develop and deploy specialty interfaces such as labs, radiology, and documents. We can help you realize an integrated practice management and EHR solution by helping you plan for, configure, test and implement the interfaces that your practice truly needs. Because we support a wide variety of healthcare data formats, compliance requirements, and message formats, we are able to develop rapid interoperability between your practice management/EHR software and third-party systems such as pharmacy, lab, hospital, community, health information exchanges, and more.
  • Custom Reporting: We can help with reporting, data mining/extraction, and query design services that enable you to get the information your practice truly needs. Our customization professionals work with your practice to assist in pulling information out of your EHR and PM applications in order to bring information together for you, based on your exact data specifications. We can also assist with the design, development, and implementation of custom reports, applications, and/or interfaces for your NextGen environment.

Conversion Services

Expedite change. Alleviate the pain.

Are you moving to a new practice or merging with another organization? Wish you could more easily migrate historical data from your existing application to your newly selected system? Are you looking to reduce the frustration your staff experiences when they have to enter all the necessary data associated with the implementation process manually?

Itentive can help.

Itentive can bridge the gap between an existing and new implementation with a complete range of NextGen and other EHR and practice management data conversion and extraction services. We can tailor each of our services to your specific needs, addressing anything from basic patient demographic, insurance, and/or appointment-scheduling conversion to importing detailed financial transactions and clinical history.

Data Conversion:

Itentive offers several different types of data conversions, including performing all re-mapping and cross-referencing needed so you can bring data from outside systems into NextGen easily and efficiently.

Data Extraction:

Whether leveraging data from NextGen or outside systems, our utilities identify and extract all data elements that pertain to your operation.

Practice Extract/Merge:

Itentive can extract a single practice and all its related data from a multi-practice NextGen implementation or merge existing practices together facilitating enterprise implementations with evolving business models.

Coversion Services

You Benefit

  • Expedite the conversion/implementation process
  • Minimize or eliminate manual data entry to reduce staff frustration and the chance of human error
  • Automated, effortless integration of multiple data sources to meet specific needs/li>
  • Merge multiple databases with ease
  • Transfer complete patient data sets, accurately and effortlessly

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