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Category : Latest News

Posted : Monday, November 9, 2015

NextGen One – Call for Change!

chase carter

While attending NextGen’s ONE User Group Meeting this past week, I fully immersed myself in the whirlwind of excitement and passion for the healthcare industry that was everywhere. As a first-time attendee at UGM, I became a human sponge eager to soak up anything and everything I could. I was fortunate enough to attend countless sessions and learn many things, but the thought that resonated with me most was expressed in the opening session given by Rusty Frantz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quality Systems, Inc. He drove home the fact that as the healthcare industry shifts from fee-for service to a fee-for-value system, it’s not just the technology that needs to change—it is our attitudes. I found this inspiring; no matter our role as vendor, provider, or patient, it’s time we take on a different perspective and realign our priorities to focus on outcomes.

It’s no secret; it is time for us as an entire industry to evolve. It’s not just provider actions and patient expectations that require change, vendors have to change too. There will be a greater emphasis on reporting measures and tracking quality metrics, as well as the coordination of care through the interoperability of EHR systems. This will ensure that devaluing actions such as repeat tests do not occur and that the longevity of a patient's care is preserved. Along with this is an emphasis on population health, where we see a shift in mindset from just treating a problem to preventing any future problems.

As we change from fee-for service to fee-for value, we should see a mirrored change in attitude. Some say, “Happy wife, Happy life”; but I say, “Happy physician, Happy transition”, and this transition’s success is vital to patients, providers, and vendors.

No matter your role in the healthcare industry, you have one purpose: you want to improve the experiences and quality of care for patients. As a vendor we do this by ensuring a provider’s interaction with their EHR is efficient, effective, and positive. A better provider experience with their EHR will directly relate to a patient’s care experience. This attitude adjustment will shift our focus to a user-centered approach where the needs of the end user, or provider in this case, will drive what is important.

Itentive is a change-focused organization ready to embrace this new attitude. With planned tools and features such as NextGen Care, Care Guidelines, UD3, etc., Itentive and NextGen are poised to assist providers as they make this transition to a value based model. We are excited to experience the next phase of this industry shift and are eager to be our providers’ partners throughout this dynamic philosophical change.  

- Lindsey Lanning, Healthcare Informatics Coordinator at Itentive