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Five Things Patients Expect from Your Practice Today


Have you, an experienced provider or practice manager, found yourself asking the question what can I do to increase patient engagement, boost new patient volumes, and strengthen patient retention to ensure my practice’s success? If you haven’t, perhaps...

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Physician Burnout: Is this the New Healthcare Crisis?


When a flashlight’s battery goes out, what happens? It turns off. It essentially stops working. Now what if I ask you the same question about a physician? Do they just turn off and stop working? As a physician, when have you ever stopped working? The...

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(Online) Reputation is Everything… Even for Healthcare Providers


As a healthcare provider in a world so enthralled in a combination of both digital resources and consumerism, it is imperative you are aware of your virtual presence and know how to effectively manage your online reputation. Today’s patient population...

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An Intern's Perspective: HIPAA Audits - Helping or Hindering?


After completing my last exam, I began a nostalgic walk through campus (Go Buckeyes!) to pick up my cap and gown from the bookstore. I was starting the final week of my internship at Itentive Healthcare Solutions before immersing myself in the professional...

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An Intern's Perspective: Technology in Healthcare


Last weekend, after finishing an intense week of balancing classes and my internship at Itentive, I decided I was in desperate need of some quality couch time and a movie night.  I settled down with some snacks and hit play, eager to get lost in the...

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Patient Education - Whose Responsibility Is It?


Sometime last week I sent the text you see below out to my family requesting blog ideas as to gauge what readers are interested in or concerned about in the healthcare industry today.  What I got back from my dear old dad was the last thing I expected…...

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A New Year Brings a New Outlook on the Ideal Patient Experience


Here we are at the start of a new year, a time when we turn over a new leaf and believe we have a fresh start. For some, it’s a time to look forward to the coming year with optimism for what 2016 will have to offer. For others, it's a time to reflect...

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Is Data Privacy and Security Taking a Backseat to Convenience?


The face of healthcare as we know it is changing and so are the tools that we use to coordinate and facilitate care.  When you go to the doctor, there isn’t a paper chart in a bin outside the exam room anymore.  Instead, there’s a computer sitting on...

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