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IoT – Internet of Things (and fish)


Setting the Scene The Internet of Things has become a popular buzzword, but what is it? Basically, it is the multitude of devices that have the capability of being connected to the Internet. While a listing of IoT devices quickly becomes lengthy, here...

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An Ode to Workplace Culture


If I had a dollar for every time in the last year I had been asked “So, what are your plans after graduation?”, I probably wouldn’t have had to find a paying job! All jokes aside, the pressure placed on new graduates to find a comfortable, challenging,...

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The New Age of Preventive Medicine


Out of the Digital Dark Ages and Into the New Age of Preventive Medicine  Serious question: Is it just me or did you think it was called “preventative medicine,” too? Turns out, the proper name is “preventive medicine.” (Who knew???) Semantics aside,...

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The Healthcare Giant (And Pandemic) You Never Saw Coming


Preparing to stay afloat in this industry as Amazon (and an extraordinary pandemic) comes in like a wrecking ball. Editor’s Note: Itentive was not immune to the whirlwind of COVID-19’s impact. I created this blog in February 2020 prior to this crisis...

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