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Category : Discoveries

Posted : Friday, January 15, 2016
Edited By : chase carter
Friday, December 6, 2019

A New Year Brings a New Outlook on the Ideal Patient Experience

chase carter

Here we are at the start of a new year, a time when we turn over a new leaf and believe we have a fresh start. For some, it’s a time to look forward to the coming year with optimism for what 2016 will have to offer. For others, it's a time to reflect on the changes we want to make and create a list of resolutions to help us follow through on those changes.

At Itentive, we are excited and empowered by the year of change ahead of us and have created our own resolution to better serve our clients and physicians, as they deliver the highest quality care available. In order to figure out what we can do to help physicians continue to provide excellent care  we must look at what excellent care is and that involves honing in on and breaking down the ideal patient experience.

This concept of the ideal patient experience has long been debated over in healthcare, but still I find myself wondering, what is the ideal patient experience? Is it each individual encounter or is it the sum of all interactions between the patient and the physician? I think it is both. If so, what are the key components in building the foundation for such an experience?  Some say the building blocks to the ideal patient experience are things like patient-centered care, a sense of connection, efficiency and effectiveness, or courteous and respectful staff. I say all of these play a factor. None of us will argue with the fact that a patient will have a better experience if they receive efficient and effective care, are treated with empathy and share a connection with clinical staff, and are shown respect. So how do we get there and still maintain a healthy practice?

Now that we are passed meaningful use and the focus is shifting from the multitude of regulatory obligations we can focus on how to use the tools available to make the patient experience more streamlined, convenient, and most of all effective. By using tools such as population health or Patient Portal we can truly add value both on the provider and patient side of an encounter. These tools allow both the provider and patient to proactively engage before there is a problem and communicate in ways that have never been available to us before. Making effective use of text messages, emails, and communication with wearable fitness devices bring us closer to the patient than ever. By using technology that supports today’s lifestyle, we can now offer convenience while still engaging the patient. The EHR tools available today such as NextGen’s Patient Portal and NextGen Care make it possible to reach out to areas that were impossible in a manual world. We are now set to achieve the benefits of EHR automation.

So while this notion of an ideal patient experience may not have a set definition, or even exist today, we at Itentive, are believers in providing the highest quality care to any patients our clients may care for. We are committed to working with our providers and to make each patient encounter as close to the ideal patient experience as possible. We can do this simply by helping them utilize the tools available. Just like physicians personalize their care plans to give individual patients the best outcomes possible, we tailor our solutions to give our clients the best experience possible.   

Lindsey Lanning, Healthcare Informatics Coordinator at Itentive Healthcare Solutions