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Take NextGen® products to the next level.

Are repetitive processes consuming too much of your time? Do you find your staff constantly dealing with tasks that generate little to no revenue? Is your practice safeguarded if your network goes down?

Itentive's NextGen consultants can help.

Itentive delivers a wide range of industry-proven NextGen product add-ons that deliver valuable complementary features to the base functionality of the NextGen solution suite. Each of our products extends the reach of your Practice Management and NextGen Ambulatory EHR solutions to help you become more productive, profitable, and secure.

The result? Improved patient care and workflow. Full and timely backup of all patient information. Stronger relationships with care partners. More productive allocation of your time.

Product Enhancements

You Benefit

  • Add custom features that deliver precisely the functionality you want
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive, non-revenue-producing tasks
  • Protect your data in the event of a network crash


Protect your practice. And your patient relationships.

Is your practice safeguarded in the event of an EHR system failure or outage? Are you able to afford the downtime that would occur? Do you have a system in place that would prevent diminished patient satisfaction, reduced quality of care, and loss of revenue?

Itentive can help.

ChartGuard automatically generates customized, printable copies of your clinical charts for the next several days, along with a copy of your appointment book—and refreshes your archive every night.

  • Your clinical charts and appointment book are always available, even when your EHR system fails or your network is down
  • Eliminate investing in complex, redundant technologies which are expensive to acquire, set up, or maintain
  • Set and forget. ChartGuard protects your practice, night after night
ChartGuard brochure

You Benefit

  • Protect your practice from the costs of EHR system failure/outage to your business and reputation
  • Automate chart and appointment book backup—set and forget
  • Ensure access to updated patient information at all times

ChartGuard OnDemand

Efficiently generate patient chart history on-demand.

Easily create PDFs of patient charts and clinical history instantly when someone requests them. Ideal for Practices and health centers who want to minimize the time and effort in fulfilling requests for patient clinical history from the patient or other authorized 3rd parties (for example, insurance or legal audits). These records can then be printed, emailed, or given on USB drives according to your practice's policies.

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ChartGuard OnDemand


Time is money. Save both.

Is your staff getting bogged down with tedious and demanding workflow processes related to creating refund checks? Is your organization equipped with the personnel required to keep up with refund generation? Can you afford the hours it takes to manually track down and process refunds in your system when it could be automated instead?

Itentive's consultants can help.

RefundManager is a powerful value-add to NextGen Practice Management that streamlines the most labor-intensive steps in the refund process to save your practice time and money.

  • Quickly identify and research credit balances
  • Substantially decrease check generation time
  • Improve tracking and documentation of refunds
  • Increase department productivity
  • Decrease labor costs
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Refund Manager

You Benefit

  • Reduce time spent on refund processing; boost accuracy and productivity
  • Minimize labor costs associated with refund processing

Unapplied & Deposit Manager®

Automates unapplieds and simplifies handling of deposits

Unapplied & Deposit Manager will save your staff time whether they’re working general unapplied amounts or using the unapplied buckets to manage deposits. For general unapplied credits, you pick the rules you’d like to use to apply the balances. Do you only want matching amounts, partial amounts, or would you like to over apply to produce a credit balance to be refunded? Additionally, if you’re cleaning up co-pays, you can specify the exact amounts that the system will apply down to the encounters regardless of balances. Unapplied & Deposit Manager is built to automate a majority of the work required for encounter and account unapplied balances.

For practices who keep deposits against future services in unapplied, you can map the transaction code used to post the payment to future services by a combination of Service Items and/or Modalities. The deposit will automatically be drawn down for its intended use as the patient has those specific procedures in the future.

Unapplied & Deposit Manager is designed to save your staff valuable hours whether the need is to clean up unapplieds, simplify the ongoing handling of unapplieds, manage deposits, or all of them!

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Multiple Encounter BillingManager®

Automates entering multiple encounters for a single patient visit

Multiple Encounter BillingManager is a NextGen Practice Management Add On which allows your billing staff to create encounters and enter charges in a single practice or across multiple practices from a single form. It will increase productivity for practices with specialties requiring multiple encounters to be created and billed for a patient visit. Built to be flexible so your practices can customize it to meet your specific needs (for example, groups with a practice, surgery center, anesthesia, and/or other specialized services that may need to be billed between different practices). Because it is conveniently launched from NextGen Practice Management for seamless integration into your practice’s workflow, it also utilizes users’ NextGen security settings, so you can feel assured that your staff only sees the practices for which they already have access.

Current functionality of Multiple Encounter BillingManager:

  • Create multiple encounters and charges within or across practices from a single form
  • Works directly with your NextGen database
  • Can define up to 7 different groups of encounters to bill
  • For each group, you can set
    • the name of the group (Professional, ASC, Anesthesia, etc.)
    • minimum and maximum number of encounters
    • which group is the base encounter
    • whether to create new encounters using the default insurance or the insurance on the base encounter
    • who to set the rendering and referring provider to from the base encounter
  • Search for SIM and Diagnosis codes
  • Ability to add existing or new encounters to a group
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