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Hosting & Managed Services

Managed IT and hosting that frees you to practice medicine.

Your NextGen® system is the heartbeat of your practice. But is it secure? Can you rely on it to deliver the performance that you need and help you keep up with patient volumes? Most importantly, are you able to dedicate the time required to properly maintain it while you’re running your practice?

Itentive's consultants can help.

Itentive provides physician practices and other healthcare organizations with a true alternative to traditional in-house Information Technology solutions. Our managed NextGen IT services and hosting services enable you to quickly deploy desktop and server applications without the associated cost and burden of owning, managing, or supporting the applications or the underlying technical infrastructure.

We will help you maximize your return on investment, deliver the outcomes that you want and free you up to focus on more pressing business matters.


You Benefit

  • Eliminate the costs and burden of owning applications and IT infrastructure
  • Secure your NextGen system
  • Add instant scalability to meet patient volume growth
  • Free your practice to focus on what matters most: your patients

Managed NextGen Hosting

NextGen Hosting. Maximum IT capabilities. Minimum on-premise hardware.

Are you fed up with the time and expenses associated with maintaining your own hardware? Do you wish you could have stronger peace of mind when it comes to back-ups and disaster recovery? Would you like to have the security and convenience of a top-performing IT network for your practice, without the burden of physically housing your own equipment?

Itentive can help – with NextGen managed hosting services.

Our NextGen hosting provides all the benefits of managed NextGen IT services, but uses our own IT equipment. We boost your level of performance and reliability through equipment that’s fully optimized with state-of-the-art backup systems and supported by a team of dedicated experts.

If you’d like all the benefits of our hosted environment but prefer to keep your practice data on-site, Itentive’s Micro Cloud solution delivers all the benefits of a large NextGen hosting company at a fraction of the cost:

  • Private secured cloud
  • Consumption model for flexibility
  • Application hosting and full desktop support
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Regular data/system backups
  • Predictable hosting fees
  • Scalable, flexible architectures
Managed Hosting

You Benefits

  • Increase security and ensure access to your data
  • Eliminate the risks of housing physical IT hardware on-premises
  • Enjoy the benefits of a large NextGen healthcare hosting specialist without the large monthly bills

NextGen Managed Services

Your own IT department without the IT overhead.

Are you tired of worrying about server maintenance? Do you wish you could devote more time to attending to patients instead of IT upgrades? Is maximizing system uptime in your practice something you’re equipped to take on? Are you confident that your staff is getting sufficient desktop support?

Itentive can help.

Itentive establishes an ongoing relationship with you and your practice to address any or all of your IT needs. We’re here when you need us, highly skilled at proactively managing, assimilating, and evolving the IT needs of your operation.

What we deliver is entirely configurable to the needs of your practice. Our big-picture approach always keeps the needs of your business in mind. Our managed services include NextGen Healthcare IT consulting and project management. We can help your staff manage, install, patch, and repair anything related to your practice’s IT resources, or we can take the burden completely off your hands and manage your complete IT environment for you. Itentive even offers centralized help desk services.

Our managed NextGen IT and hosting services enable you to quickly deploy desktop and server applications without the associated cost and burden of owning, managing, or supporting the applications, or the underlying technical infrastructure.

We increase the time you have to focus on patients through a portfolio of managed NextGen IT services:

  • Server/network maintenance
  • Server/network remediation
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • NextGen maintenance
  • NextGen performance tuning
  • Centralized help desk support
Managed Services Brochure PDF (PDF 2mb)
Managed Services

You Benefit

  • Gain the peace of mind you get from working with experts
  • Free your practice to focus on patients, not IT
  • Improve data accessibility and security
  • Access timely, highly competent network maintenance and help desk support

IT Consulting / Project Services

The right IT resource, at the ready.

IIs your organization able to meet the technical requirements for the newest NextGen Upgrade? Do you wish you could have more scalable and flexible IT solutions in place so that you can evolve successfully with governmental changes?

Itentive can help.

Since 1997, Itentive has been helping practices with their IT needs by offering NextGen IT services, consulting, and project services. Our NextGen IT experts partner with your practice to become an extension of your staff, helping you prepare for NextGen upgrades and Meaningful Use Readiness.

We offer the following IT consulting and project services for NextGen Enterprise and NextGen Office (formerly MediTouch)

  • Systems upgrades
  • Architecture design
  • Implementations
  • Project management
  • Technology leadership
  • Security/technology assessments
  • NextGen upgrades
IT Consulting

You Benefit

  • Be prepared for upgrades and Meaningful Use readiness requirements
  • Meet all server and technology requirements with ease
  • Stay abreast of continuously evolving government-mandated IT requirements

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