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Why talk to Itentive?

Itentive is a premier practice, clinical systems management, MediTouch® and NextGen® Healthcare support provider, among the most established and experienced in the industry. Our services cover the full project life cycle, from project initiation to post-implementation support. Our listen-first methodology ensures that our solutions are on target, and then completed on time and within budget.

Our Mission:

To provide solutions for our healthcare provider partners which help them improve patient care, enhance the patient experience and help maintain a financially healthy practice. 

This is what sets Itentive apart from other providers:

Itentive knows.

We know the healthcare industry. We make it our first priority to know what you go through every day. We know how to help you meet your goals. And no one knows MediTouch or NextGen Healthcare better.

Itentive cares.

We care about your healthcare practice. And we care about patients. It’s a priority in all our solutions to contribute to quality healthcare and positive patient outcomes.

Itentive delivers.

We deliver the results that we promise. In fact, we strive to over-deliver. Our clients are often surprised at how powerfully we impact their practice.

Itentive stays.

We believe in long-term relationships. We partner with your practice and remain committed to providing the clinical solutions, practice management and support that you need — now and for years to come.

Itentive imagines.

We imagine the future and innovate in all we do to help our clients shape it. We excel at leveraging today’s technologies to prepare for and meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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