EHR system failure

Protect your practice. And your patient relationships.

Is your practice safeguarded in the event of an EHR system failure or outage? Are you able to afford the downtime that would occur? Do you have a system in place that would prevent diminished patient satisfaction, reduced quality of care and loss of revenue?

Itentive can help.

ChartGuard® automatically generates customized, printable copies of your clinical charts for the next several days, along with a copy of your appointment book—and refreshes your archive every night.

  • Your clinical charts and appointment book are always available, even when your EHR system fails or your network is down
  • Eliminate investing in complex, redundant technologies which are expensive to acquire, set up or maintain
  • Set and forget. ChartGuard protects your practice, night after night

Take a look at our ChartGuard brochure here, which inludes sample ChartGuard output. 


  • Protect your practice from the costs of EHR system failure/outage to your business and reputation
  • Automate chart and appointment book backup—set and forget
  • Ensure access to updated patient information at all times