Custom apps: Intelligent solutions for better-informed decisions.

Are you looking to fully maximize your NextGen® experience? Do you wish you could get the most out of advanced reports, access the data your practice needs more easily or work with more intuitive application interfaces? Are you constantly seeking ways to make better-informed decisions?

Itentive can help.

We’re experts in the design, construction and delivery of custom software applications—from traditional programming to user interface to utilities and beyond—that address the specific needs of your practice, without the difficulty and cost of most custom software apps.

Itentive’s software applications include:

  • Interfaces (HL7 & Custom)
  • NextGen add-ons
  • SQL stored procedures
  • X12 and HL7 translators
  • Custom middleware
  • Bulk image converter
  • Bulk EHR document converter
  • EHR clinical e-mail
  • 835/837 file splitter
  • Report shell


  • Tailor your NextGen experience to your specific needs and ways of working
  • Improve the productivity and profit of your practice
  • Get what you want without the “custom” price tag