Expedite change. Alleviate the pain.

Are you moving to a new practice or merging with another organization? Wish you could more easily migrate historical data from your existing application to your newly selected system? Are you looking to reduce the frustration your staff experiences when they have to enter all the necessary data associated with the implementation process manually?

Itentive can help.  

Itentive can bridge the gap between an existing and new implementation with a complete range of NextGen and other EHR and practice management data conversion and extraction services. We can tailor each of our services to your specific needs, addressing anything from basic patient demographic, insurance and/or appointment-scheduling conversion to importing detailed financial transactions and clinical history.

Data Conversion: 

Itentive offers several different types of data conversions, including performing all re-mapping and cross-referencing needed so you can bring data from outside systems into NextGen easily and efficiently.

Data Extraction:

Whether leveraging data from NextGen or outside systems, our utilities identify and extract all data elements that pertain to your operation.

Practice Extract/Merge:

Itentive can extract a single practice and all its related data from a multi-practice NextGen implementation or merge existing practices together facilitating enterprise implementations with evolving business models.


  • Expedite the conversion/implementation process
  • Minimize or eliminate manual data entry to reduce staff frustration and chance of human error
  • Automated, effortless integration of multiple data sources to meet specific needs
  • Merge multiple databases with ease
  • Transfer complete patient data sets, accurately and effortlessly