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Grow competencies. Sustain results.

There’s no doubt that tailored NextGen® Healthcare or MediTouch® training can enhance the platform’s contribution to the overall performance of your operation. Do your clinicians feel like they’re struggling or falling behind in the way that they interface with NextGen or MediTouch? Do you have specific objectives and requirements that you feel aren’t being met?

Itentive can help.

Our MediTouch or NextGen training and implementation specialists can create a curriculum and customize the materials based on your unique requirements. We deliver traditional classroom training solutions or work side-by-side with your employees to train on the job. Our implementation team communicates regularly throughout the training process, reporting progress, next steps, gaps and potential challenges.


  • Improve the skills and competencies of your people
  • Maximize and sustain the benefits of your technology and processes
  • Tailor training to your practice, preference and need—customized materials; choice of setting
  • Stay informed on progress with a minimum of effort