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Complete your MediTouch® or NextGen® implementation plan. Seamlessly.

A successful implementation plan for a new practice management and/or EHR solution requires careful analyses of your organization’s current workflow, individual physician preferred charting habits and other factors. Do you have the experience—and the time—to carefully plan each phase of the project, as well as the execution of every task on schedule?

Itentive's MediTouch or NextGen implementation specialists can help.

From design to post-project technical support, Itentive’s NextGen® Healthcare implementation consultants will guide your team through all aspects of software implementation and carry out the project plan. Count on us to work with your team to successfully implement and optimize your MediTouch or NextGen Healthcare system. Depending on the experience level of your staff and clinicians, Itentive's NextGen implementation team can even develop a customized MediTouch or NextGen training plan. We follow a four-phase implementation process:

Phase 1: Define

  • Define project scope
  • Develop technical specifications
  • Deliver project implementation plan

Phase 2: Build

  • Configure software
  • Complete data migration
  • Perform integration testing

Phase 3: Validate

  • Complete system testing
  • Perform end user training
  • Build production environment

Phase 4: Deploy

  • Go-live planning
  • Post Go-live support
  • Project review


  • Implementation linked to your unique business characteristics and workflow
  • An expert’s guidance and support through every implementation phase
  • Disciplined, detailed task management
  • Easy, real-time progress monitoring
  • Completion within budget and schedule