NextGen PM Tools for Managing Unapplieds, Deposits, Refunds, and Credit Balances

Are you utilizing your PM staff and software to their fullest potential?  That's why we created these NextGen® Add-on Products to help with some of the more tedious PM activities in NextGen.  These tools could help your practice save time and effort on PM and billing activities.  

Unapplied & Deposit Manager will save your staff time whether they’re working general unapplied amounts or using the unapplied buckets to manage deposits. For general unapplied credits, you pick the rules you’d like to use to apply the balances. Do you only want matching amounts, partial amounts, or would you like to over apply to produce a credit balance to be refunded? Additionally, if you’re cleaning up co-pays, you can specify the exact amounts that the system will apply down to the encounters regardless of balances. Unapplied & Deposit Manager is built to automate most of the work required for encounter and account unapplied balances. For practices who keep deposits against future services in unapplied, you can map the transaction code used to post the payment to future services by a combination of Service Items and/or Modalities. The deposit will automatically be drawn down for its intended use as the patient has those specific procedures in the future. Unapplied & Deposit Manager is designed to save your staff valuable hours whether the need is to clean up unapplieds, simplify the ongoing handling of unapplieds, manage deposits, or all of them!

RefundManager® streamlines and automates the process of finding credit balances on patient accounts and issuing refund checks.  RefundManager enables you to quickly identify and research credit balances and automatically create the refund transactions in NextGen.  It also aids you in quickly and easily applying a credit on one encounter to another encounter with an open balance.  RefundManager integrates into NextGen PM and your accounting system to allow for a seamless workflow.  Substantially decrease check generation time through automation!

This webinar took place on January 19, 2021.

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