Documenting COVID-19 Exposure on the NextGen Contagion Risk Template

As COVID-19 has spread to every corner of the United States, you and your practice may find yourself needing to document and track patients who have potentially been exposed to the virus. Documenting exposure to the virus can be an important step your practice takes in ensuring the health and safety of your patients and the staff that care for them. The Contagion Exposure Risk template is designed exactly for this purpose and ready to use out of the box. With a few simple configuration steps, you can update the template to allow your practice to document COVID-19.

In this brief webinar, we walk you through the process to update the Contagion Exposure Risk template to suit your practice’s needs for COVID-19 exposure. We also outline how your practice can utilize this template to identify those patients who are at risk. 

This webinar took place on March 25, 2020.

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