ChartGuard: Your Downtime Solution

When a healthcare system outage occurs, there's more than downtime at stake:

Diminished patient satisfaction, reduced quality of care and loss of revenue can all make a lasting negative impact on your practice.

Be sure to attend our webinar to discover how ChartGuard® can help protect your practice. ChartGuard enables you to view, print, or electronically access your patents charts and your practice’s appointment book, even when your EHR system fails or your network is down. It  integrates in with your current NextGen® Healthcare system for an easy user experience.  It automatically generates customized, printable copies of your clinical charts for the next several days, along with a copy of your appointment book—and refreshes your archive every night.

Eliminate the need to invest in complex, redundant technologies that are expensive to setup and maintain.  Choose to safeguard your practice night after night with ChartGuard.  It has saved numerous practices from the embarrassment of system interruptions, not to mention the lost revenue of not seeing patients.

Ready to take a look at ChartGuard? Don’t wait until your next outage to say, “ I wish we would have…”. 
Join the Live Webinar on Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 12:00PM CT/1:00PM ET.  Register below.