Utilizing NextGen Mobile During the COVID-19 Crisis

As offices are closing and providers are navigating new ways to practice remotely, practices have an increased need to find innovative ways to give clinical staff the tools to care for their patients. Tools that are simple to use and familiar to practitioners currently using NextGen will help to make the transition easier and less painful for your practice and staff. One of the tools at your disposal is NextGen Mobile. This web-based application can allow your clinical staff to access patient record data from a mobile device or tablet. NextGen Mobile allows access to your patient’s medical record anywhere at any time. With the ability to communicate securely in the application among providers and other staff, your clinicians can continue to support each other regardless of where they are physically located.

In this brief webinar, we explore the many features in the NextGen Mobile application, which gives the access that your practitioners need to continue to care for their patients. We also review how you can get started implementing this tool into your practice’s workflow.

This webinar took place on April 3, 2020.

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