Making NextGen More Efficient: Tools created by the NexPerts  

Are you looking for ways to improve you NextGen experience? We can help! At Itentive, we are known as the NexPerts for a reason. In this webinar, we showcase some of the reports, programs, scripts, and development that we have created to help with day to day efficiencies.  We believe these tools and reports may benefit your practices as well, so we are providing some at the webinar, as well as demonstrating others that we have offerings for. 

In short, we want to help make your NextGen experience more efficient for you and your practice.

Topics covered in this webinar include: 

- Efficiency Scripts: 

- RVU SSRS Report Script 
- Payer Cleanup Script
- Gynecology Specialty Script 
- Uncollectable Write-off Script:  Automate the writing off of old balances.
- Encounter Credit Report:  Provides a list of all encounters with a credit balance, including the details behind the credit so that you can see how and when it occurred. 

- Patient Portal Auto-Enrollment: Auto-enrolls eligible patients in the Patient Portal without the need to provide a token.

- Quality Template: One stop shop for all the Quality Programs (including MU, MIPS, PCMH, Quality measures).

- Unapplied Utility: Moves unapplied balances from the encounter or account level and creates transactions to move them to encounter line items. Built to handle a number of unique scenarios related to copay issues and pushing balances into a credit state for later refunds.

- iCare ServerHealth: Monitoring, alerting and remediation service crafted specifically to ensure the availability and performance of your NextGen Healthcare environment.

- ChartGuard: Creates PDF backups of patient charts.  Enables you to view, print, or electronically access your patents charts and your practice’s appointment book, even when your EHR system fails or your network is down. 

- RefundManager: Automatically identify and research credits, generate checks, and document everything into NextGen and your accounting software. 

If you are interested in learning more about these tools and scripts, please contact Chelsea Grover ( 

This webinar took place on May 16, 2018.

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