Interacting with Patients in a New Consumer-Based Healthcare Arena

As a healthcare provider in a world so enthralled in this new realm of patient consumerism, it is imperative you are aware and mindful of how staff at your practice interact with your patients and what type of patient experience everyone is providing.

This concept of the ideal patient experience has long been debated over in healthcare, and many still wonder, what is the ideal patient experience? Is it each individual encounter or is it the sum of all interactions between the patient and the physician? Some say the building blocks to the ideal patient experience are things like patient-centered care, a sense of connection, efficiency and effectiveness, or courteous and respectful staff.  Others say that there needs to be a connection with clinical staff and mutual respect.

So, how do we journey towards the ideal patient experience and still maintain a healthy practice? Join us as we explore how to survive in this new age of healthcare consumerism and how to best utilize your staff and tools available to you.

This webinar took place on October 14, 2020.

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