The Real World Impact of 5.9.1/8.4.1 from a NextGen Beta Perspective

Attention NextGen Users: NextGen versions 5.9.1/8.4.1 are here, and we want to be the first to tell about it from real-life experiences as a Beta partner.

We want to share with you real insights into how these new features and added functionality affect your end-users. We will provide you with a new feature overview, but take it a step further and include client feedback and our lessons learned from this specific upgrade.  We will examine the upgrade from a client's perspective, explore new features in EHR and PM along with some specialty specific ones, and also cover some issues we encountered in hopes to help you avoid them.  

Our goal is to share our expertise and experience with you to minimize your frustrations and maximize your success with 5.9.1/8.4.1. 

Join us for this complimentary educational webinar on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 12:00PM CT/1:00PM ET.  Register below.